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February 3, 2014
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With huge gratitude, a touch of fear, and a whole lot-o-glee, I’m announcing my forthcoming book: The Plant Recipe Book: 100 Arrangements for Any Home in Any Season. Due early April 2014, published by Artisan and photographed by Paige Green. This book is a collaboration of so many – and to so many I’m so thankful!


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With an eye on today’s modern aesthetic and inspired by natural beauty, The Plant Recipe Book provides simple steps to show anyone how to create stunning living plant decor.
A follow-up to The Flower Recipe Book, it also showcases Paige Green’s beautiful photography and easy-to-follow “how to” recipe style. The Plant Recipe Book focuses on 40 plants and 100 recipes.
Each plant is used in two or three living bouquets, the first is basic while the second and third are more substantial, and employ more unusual plants, sophisticated designs, or hard-to-find ingredients, leading the reader from simple to more elaborate creations.
The 100 container designs included in the book are sometimes sleek, often whimsical, and always contemporary. They range from stark to ornate and from super-easy to more involved.
Traditional pots and plant containers are featured, but so are less conventional methods like creating hanging vertical walls fashioned from shutters or planting under glass. For every arrangement, the step-by-step photos take readers beyond standard arrangements to eye-catching planted designs.
While the focus of the book is on creating specific container gardens, a basic “how to” chapter covers essentials like planting techniques, tools, and materials.

Pre-order a copy now from Lila B. or other booksellers including San Francisco’s Green Apple,  Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Books Inc.



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