Castaway Beauties

May 8, 2012
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Handcrafted by Pseudo -Studio LLC, our neighbors on Folsom Street, this California Claro Walnut is from Chico, California. Having ‘good wood go to waste’ is something that Adam Holm, co-owner of Pseudo Studio, hates. This piece was an ‘extra’ left over from a table that they are making from a single piece of wood.  ‘I am always looking for new uses for the little cut offs and castaways’ and we are so happy he is! Pseudo’s work will be featured at our Sunset Celebration booth- and we couldn’t be more pleased.

What will he make of this  pile of Claro Walnut salvaged out of a barn in Brooks California? Stay tunes to see…

For more information and photos, give us a call. This beauty is just the beginning of many possibilities…

Wood vessel photo by Sophie de Lignerolles


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