Dining by Design

January 16, 2013
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Each year the San Francisco’s Design Center transforms from a showroom showcase into a host for a plethora of micro-dining rooms. Each with its own unique style and flair. What fun eh?! And all for a good cause too!

Better yet, last year, we were honored to join some of their creative forces.

Offering up our grape-wood airplan laden table top and vertical gardens and our oh so charming teardrop dioramas- we helped complete the dining scene with the Karen Villanueva and Paul O’Rourke’s installation.

“Creating a connection through design.” – San Francisco based design firms: Villanueva Design and Paul O’Rourke Design

Their dining room reflected the essence of our city’s contemporary urban-ism with a tossed in bit of organic – to make it oh so San Francisco. Nature juxtaposed with man-made  created a warm and welcoming room.


All photos by Sophie de Lignerolles

Sunset Celebration is over but we’re still smiling

June 8, 2012
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…a recent letter to all those whom we met at Sunset Magazine’s Celebration Weekend.
















Whether it was your green thumb, zest for the culinary, travel bug, or just your love of wine that brought you to Sunset Magazine’s Celebration Weekend– we’re happy to have met you.

Sunset’s big weekend has come and gone- but we’ve got more tips & designs for you. We want the spirit of the celebration to linger….


A few tips from our presentation: Big Ideas for Small Spaces
Hang it up! Got a shutter or a gutter? Create back pockets to a shutter using weed cloth- or add soil to a gutter and you’ve just added to your garden square footage.

No sweeping necessary. Aversion to spilling soil on your small deck? There’s no need to…

Simple Hip Green & Responsible

April 13, 2012
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Interior Green Design at DesignMap

The Walnut for the large custom planters was certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. The final finish that makes it glow so beautifully- (yes it is possible), a Zero VOC finish. Topped off with a ‘faux lid’ we saved on materials- (‘filler’ so often made of some yucky stuff). We tried our best to keep the green on ‘high’ with the impact set on ‘low’.

Lila B’s creative Brandon Pruett led up this project with enthusiasm, while Sophie de Lignerolles used her artistic talent to draft our ideas and then capture the final plan on film. Pseudo Design and Double Dragon {our fab neighbors on Folsom Street} created our beautiful custom planters.

Just a small smattering of our project shown here…stay tuned for more photos of Lila B.’s interior plant design creations…

Making beautiful statements with living things