Hangin’ On!

August 9, 2012

These Staghorn Ferns are mounted a top re-purposed wood provided by our favorite wood shop just a few doors down. The outer two wood pieces were taken from a house re-model just around the corner from our studio. The other – and extra Walnut chunk from a table made by Pseudo Studio.

Since their mounting, they’ve departed the twenty one hundred block of Folsom street – and headed south. They all now hang out on the walls of a Veterinary clinic in San Jose- We’re happy they found yet another new home…


Photo by Sophie de Lignerolles

Old & Board yet so fresh & stylin’

May 31, 2012
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Collaboration is what makes us swoon here at Lila B. and we feel so lucky to have teamed up with several San Francisco talents to make our business ooze with creativity.

We’ll be featuring a few of our local artisans in following blogs…and to start off..we’ve got a doozy! Old & Board.

Our recent chat with Old & Board…

Lila B.: We love the tiny accents you add in. A twisted nail, a hammered metal piece, a rusty bit- Where do you find these?

Old & Board: We find all of our accents/details from salvage yards.  Our motto is, if something can be used for its actual use then we don’t want to re-purpose it but if it’s most likely just “junk” then that is where we can turn it into something cool and unique.  By adding these points of detail, it turns our chair, planter box, etc. into some more than just a piece of furniture; it takes on a personality of its own.

LB: Why #7?

O&B: #7 is one of our lucky numbers and we are superstitious.

LB: What inspires you?

O&B: We hate wasting anything and that’s…

Fixtures of Light with a Re-Purpose

February 3, 2012













Scouring town for the unusual is what we like to do-

We even like to take the ordinary- like a light fixture- and make it extraordinary- with just a bit of tweaking…

Lila B.’s creative Botanical guy, Brandon, showed up in our studio with a light fixture in hand & an idea in his head. The outcome a desert landscape that is oh so delish!

This got us thinking about previous Lila B. projects we took on…We though you might enjoy a look.

See here for other Lila B. fixtures of light with a re-purpose.


Photos thanks to Sophie de Lignerolles, Orange Photography, and Russell Yin for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Making beautiful statements with living things