Dining by Design

January 16, 2013
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Each year the San Francisco’s Design Center transforms from a showroom showcase into a host for a plethora of micro-dining rooms. Each with its own unique style and flair. What fun eh?! And all for a good cause too!

Better yet, last year, we were honored to join some of their creative forces.

Offering up our grape-wood airplan laden table top and vertical gardens and our oh so charming teardrop dioramas- we helped complete the dining scene with the Karen Villanueva and Paul O’Rourke’s installation.

“Creating a connection through design.” – San Francisco based design firms: Villanueva Design and Paul O’Rourke Design

Their dining room reflected the essence of our city’s contemporary urban-ism with a tossed in bit of organic – to make it oh so San Francisco. Nature juxtaposed with man-made  created a warm and welcoming room.


All photos by Sophie de Lignerolles

How to Make a Wedding Celebration that Keeps on Growing

September 8, 2011
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How to Make a Wedding Celebration that Keeps on Growing

At the Point Lobos Ridge Home in Carmel, we went wild.  Quite literally.  Our goal for this wedding situated just over the sea, was to bring the outside landscape in, featuring arrangements that were less about cut flowers and more about showcasing living plants that thrive locally.

We started by using lots of small containers to create living landscapes as table centerpieces.  The small worlds we conjured were comprised of mosses, ferns, rosemary, and orchids.  Giving the appearance of growing out of the table, we gave them free reign and encouraged them to weave around the table and the chargers.  Living orbs of live plants, mosses, and succulents brought panache to each surface.


The cake table was a fanciful island all it’s own.  Using lichen-covered twigs we constructed a frame over which we allowed vines to hang, loose and wild.  We situated between them wooden pieces that served as a pedestal for the cake that was delicately adorned with…

How to Make a Wedding

April 28, 2011
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Making beautiful statements with living things