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If Love is Flower

February 14, 2013
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I love the connection between love and flowers in Aila El Edroos’ poem, ‘If Love is a Flower.‘ I hope it inspires you, too.

If Love Is Flower

love is endless 
like flowers that keep on blossoming day and night
love is beautiful
like flowers with different different colors
love is growing
like flowers abundant in the garden
love is to give away
like flowers from my hand to yours
if love is flower
how many gardens grow your flowers? 
how many flowers grow in your garden? 
what are the colors? 
what stories are they telling?
if love is flower

Aila El Edroos


Photo by Holly Stewart Photography with Lila B.

From the Lot: Nuances de Bleu

March 15, 2012

O La La- those lovely shades of blue.

How pleased we are that all these blues bloomed in our very own Lila B. {parking} Lot Garden. Now…we wait with trepidation on what’s to bloom blue next in our little urban oasis…

Photos thanks to our Lot Garden’s gardener &  photographer: Sophie de Lignerolles




A Fresh Bouquet

January 8, 2012
Posted by in Books

Who are the magic makers behind the locally sourced flowers that adorn our tables?  Who really cultivates and arranges the seasonal blossoms that help make our events memorable?  It is with these questions in mind Debra Prinzing and David Perry set out to create their forthcoming book  A 50 Mile Bouquet.

We were delighted to spend time with them this past Summer when they stopped by to learn more about us & our {parking} lot garden.  She, a celebrated writer about gardens and he, a photographer with a lens primed for botanicals.  Together they are creating a special flower growing, gathering, and design guide available to you in April of 2012.

Check out their project– they have some exciting things to share!  Thanks for all the great inspiration Debra and David!

Photo by David Perry- during their delightful visit…

Making beautiful statements with living things