Carnivores in Glass

November 9, 2012

Our fly eating, gnat munching carnivorous terrarium has lived a long healthy life. The above photo was taken early last spring. The two below images are from the other day. All we needed to do from then to now: provide sunshine & distilled water. And yes, we gave it a good pruning too…



photos by Sophie de Lignerolles

Simple Hip Green & Responsible

April 13, 2012
Posted by in Home Decor

Interior Green Design at DesignMap

The Walnut for the large custom planters was certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council. The final finish that makes it glow so beautifully- (yes it is possible), a Zero VOC finish. Topped off with a ‘faux lid’ we saved on materials- (‘filler’ so often made of some yucky stuff). We tried our best to keep the green on ‘high’ with the impact set on ‘low’.

Lila B’s creative Brandon Pruett led up this project with enthusiasm, while Sophie de Lignerolles used her artistic talent to draft our ideas and then capture the final plan on film. Pseudo Design and Double Dragon {our fab neighbors on Folsom Street} created our beautiful custom planters.

Just a small smattering of our project shown here…stay tuned for more photos of Lila B.’s interior plant design creations…

Our Botanical Wares in Noe Valley’s Heliotrope

March 9, 2012

Lila B. Design Terrarium

Even more local natural goodies are now available at Heliotrope- peek in to view our terrarium installations, slather on their sumptuous creams, soak in the local goodness of San Francisco made products …you’re even welcome to take ‘one of each’ home to keep that good feelin’ going…

Now available at Heliotrope. You’ll find our Botanical Wares and so much more local natural goodness- just stop on in: 1515 Church Street in San Francisco, Ca. Open Wednesday thru Sunday and M/T by appointment.

Making beautiful statements with living things