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I Love a Good Smoke Tree

August 10, 2014

You may know that Smoke Tree (Cotinus) has wooed me for years  – and the plumes – well, they almost make my knees buckle. But this one was getting too big for its britches and was blocking a sweet view. So I had to do the only noble thing. Snip Snip, Snip, and snip again.

As the stems fell to the ground my almost eyes teary eyes instead began to twinkle.  I had a goldmine. Or at least a fun hour ahead.

What else in the garden ‘needed’ some pruning? I had to find out.

Was this all a grand scheme only to create a floral arrangement or two?


but it made for one satisfied client (otherwise known as my obliging parents) as the unruly tree had been ruled. Their child (me, yes actually, an adult) was appeased and quite entertained.  And their living room botanically adorned.
That makes for a happy family.



Belly up to our Plant Bar at CB2

September 5, 2013
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The Wide World of Succulents

September 12, 2012
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Looking to learn more about the wide world of Succulents? Oh boy, you’ve got a chance, all for free-two full days of lectures, tours, food, and of course, Succulents!

Succulent Gardens Extravaganza!

Among the line up is our very own Lila B. gal, Baylor Chapman.

Please join her on Friday September 28th at 11:45 am for a demonstration on “Combining Succulents & Florals: from Garden to Vase to Garden Again”

Ever wonder how to incorporate Succulents from your garden into fabulous floral arrangements? After a few nifty ‘how to’ tips (including basic mechanics and design theories) provided in this demonstration, you’ll be able to compose a beautiful floral arrangement with ease. That’s it? Not yet. What now? Learn how to re-plant your succulents so they’ll live on and on after the ephemeral cut florals fade. Viola! Your Succulents made it from garden to vase to garden again.

More More More, I want More! You Say?!

Yes indeed:You’ll get it.

Author Debra Lee Baldwin will talk about design projects from big to small…

Retailer Flora Grubb will give some insight on what’s next in the world of Succulents.

Writer & designer Rebecca Sweet chats about ‘Harmony in the Garden’ with Succulents.


Making beautiful statements with living things