Eye on the Bay… and Eye on Us- Adorning Cavallo Point for Channel 5

March 29, 2010
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CBS Channel 5’s television style team at Eye on the Bay recently featured the historic lodge at Cavallo Point for a set of interviews… and we were invited to set the stage.

We took to the assignment with zest, assembling a combination of ranunculus, hellebore’s, freshly blooming western red-bud to inspire and complement conversation.

As floral stylists, we consider the mood that an arrangement will set during an event.  Sometimes we want it to make statement, and other times we want it to inspire others to speak.

Tune in on Channel 5 on Monday May 17th at 7 pm see just how we decided to complement the history and beauty at Cavallo Point with some fun Spring floral arrangements.

Ashes and Snow

September 1, 2009
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Ashes and Snow.

I was lucky enough to fall upon photos by Gregory Colbert when delivering flowers to Sausalito, California’s elegant Cavallo Point. See a peak behind these Lila B re-plantable succulent and flower arrangements.

Cavallo Point Aug 09

Cavallo Aug 09Cavallo Aug 09 2

Go to Cavallo Point and/or Ashes and Snow to be inspired by photos that capture a beautiful connection between humans and animals. I’ve still got chills from them; the images will stick with me for  a long sweet while.

photos by Sophie de Lignerolles

Making beautiful statements with living things