Sanctuary Vessel

December 6, 2017
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Capturing the essence of the rainforest in a minimalist mossarium.

Explore life in the undergrowth with this moss showcase. Unlike most plants which gain everything they need from the soil below, moss takes in water from their tiny green shoots above. The simple design highlights the beauty of some of the forests quieter elements we often overlook.

Designed to be an exploration of nature contained in a modern setting, the sanctuary vessel mimics nature’s’ water cycle and comes in a choice of three colors – making it an easy and ideal desktop companion or gift.


The curved glass lid helps maintain a balanced environment however your mossarium benefits from occasional air movement. In nature, moss uses the airflow of the rainforest to propagate. To allow for proper root ventilation and avoid fungus growth – gently spin the lid and the built-in vent will give your little world the breeze it needs.

Created by Botanica Life.

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Base Color

Silicone Charcoal, Silicone White

Making beautiful statements with living things