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  • juice_300

    Edible Brushstrokes Painting Class – June 28th

    $95 + tax

    In this unique painting class, you will learn to use fresh vegetable juices and coffee as a painting medium to recreate one of Lila B.’s small plant beauties on paper! Taught by talented local artist Sal Steiner, you’ll go over all the basic steps, from choosing your veggies, to sketching, through to ‘paint’ application techniques. Once we’re done painting, we’ll show you how to transform your juices into a fresh take on mimosas! You’ll do all of this fireside in the cozy hearth room in the garden of the Stable Café.

    Class Price: $95
    Date: Saturday, June 28th
    Time: 10 am – 1 pm
    Location: Stable Café Garden / 2128 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA
    What to wear: San Francisco layers
    What’s Included:
    - expert instruction by local artist Sal Steiner
    - one small plant model to use in class and take home
    - all supplies
    - coffee and pastry from Stable Café
    - a juice painted art piece made by you
    - the finale fresh juice mimosa!


    (photo by Paige Russell)

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  • bubble-300

    The Bubble Terrarium

    $52 + tax

    Hangs on a wall -

    Low on light and space. This is for you. Watertight and oh so mod – This’ll be a groovy way to deck up your walls. About 10” round.

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  • fun1

    Fun Framed Succulents

    From: $65 + tax

    Set atop a table or hang on a wall. These Succulent filled frames go the mile. Easy peasy living art.

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  • outdoor-wedding-flowers1

    Planted Centerpiece

    $125 + tax

    Need a special something to bring to a friend? This living arrangement bursts with in season goodness and lasts a whole long time. Each wooden box varies dependent of availability of blooms, but all are gorgeous and full.

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  • big-bold-300

    Big & Bold Planters

    From: $185 + tax

    Lush and full of Succulents and Greens. Each one has its own look – but all are gorgeous for any deck or garden. Some of our clients use the small variety to adorn their dining tables (use a tray underneath to protect from any potential water).

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  • bookshelf-and-carryall-NEW

    Suede & Rope Carriage

    From: $48 + tax

    These hanging planters bring a glimpse of natural beauty anywhere they swing. Glass pots nestle in water-resistant suede baskets, suspended from on high by four creamy white cotton ropes. Solid brass grommets add a chic touch while keeping the ropes secure. Available in sunflower, navy, snow, slate, and poinsettia.

    Small measures   4″ x 4″    (rope and suede about 15” long) $48 Medium measures  5″ x 4.5″ (rope and suede about 20” long) $62 Large measures 5.5″ x 6.25″ (rope and suede about 20” long) $86.

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  • Tiny-Heart-Jello-Mold

    Tiny Heart Jello Mold

    $18.50 + tax

    Adorable – Re-purposed – and Living. This little jello mold will steal your heart.

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  • Wooden-Wrapped-Vase

    Wooden Wrapped Vase

    $68 + tax

    Craft Carriage and Lila B. believe that something doesn’t have to be new to be beautiful.

    The wooden cuffs are crafted in San Francisco by Craft Carriage using bent lamination. They wrap the smooth diagonally cut up-cycled wine bottle vase with perfection. Lila B. fills each one diversely – some are mossy wooded dioramas while others are succulent filled wonderlands.

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  • Plant-Recipe-Book Cover

    The Plant Recipe Book

    $24.95 + tax

    Living arrangements are the heart of our work at Lila B. and this passion gave rise to our forthcoming book. With an eye on today’s modern aesthetic and inspired by natural beauty, The Plant Recipe Book provides simple steps to show anyone how to create stunning living plant decor.

    A follow-up to The Flower Recipe Book, it showcases the same beautiful photography  by Paige Green and easy-to-follow “how to” recipe style. The 100 container designs included in the book are sometimes sleek, often whimsical, and always contemporary. They range from stark to ornate and from super-easy to more involved.

    Enter Coupon code ‘freebookshipping’ at checkout for FREE SHIPPING!

    “Chapman’s new book will be cause for celebration…”Publisher’s Weekly

    The Plant Recipe Book reads, above all, like a love letter to greenery,”Food 52

    ‘Required Reading” – Dwell Magazine

    “Fab floral arrangements you can actually make” – Lonny Magazine

    “We felt confident we could whip up “mammillaria on its own,” …Seeing the spare, elegant results, it nearly made our mouth water” – New York Times




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  • wooly_300

    Woodsy & Wildlike

    $148 + tax

    A walk in the woods. Easy to care for- delightful to look at- this ‘log full-o-Succulents’ will invoke a feel of the woods. Designed for an indirectly sunlit indoor location- water very little & infrequently. Each log container is handmade and wonderfully imperfect. Each design is a bit different. Containers measures about 5″ high.

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  • Green-Gutter

    Repurposed Gutter

    $115 + tax

    Our friends at Old & Board have made some stunning re-purposed gutters for us to fill with succulents. These beauties  look lovely hanging on deck or set atop a table.  Blue now avail. Measures 18″ x 3″ x 3″



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  • date_palm_300

    The Date Palm

    $165 + tax

    The Date Palm is long, low, and planted with an abundance of succulents. It makes for a dazzling centerpiece for tables inside or out. Each shape and size is a little different. The one pictured is about 48″ x 5″ x 6″.

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  • Jello-Mold-Succulents

    Jello Mold Succulents

    $16.50 + tax

    We found our first Jell-O molds at a tiny antique shop and found that succulents love to grow in them! They make the sweetest gifts- to yourself or for a loved one. Try a platterful for take-home gifts after a dinner party.

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  • bubble_300

    Bubble Paperweight

    $45 + tax

    This compact little bowl is bursting with life! It’s surprising how much can be packed into its 5″ height and 2 1/2″ opening.

    photos by milo + olin photography and sophie de lignerolles

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  • succulent_boat_300

    Succulent Boat

    $145 + tax

    Is it a chic & easy gift you’re going for? These Succulent filled faux-concrete vessels may look like a handful but don’t be fooled. The smaller one is lightweight and easy to care for all in one.

    Make one the perfect addition to your front stoop, your friend’s deck, or your pool patio.

    14″ x 10″ x 7″


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  • shudder_300

    Succulent Shutter

    $275 + tax

    Vertical gardens are all the rage! How about this for a twist? Salvaged Succulent Shutters. Yes indeed. We took salvaged solid wood shutters and gave them a second life.
    Handcrafted boxes built to last, colorfully painted to adorn your wall, and finally filled with soil to host easy care Succulents. This box rocks- all on its own. Give it a squirt of water every few days and it is ready to roll…
    14” x 12” size priced here.

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  • urban_300

    Urban Mini Landscape

    From: $48 + tax

    This mini-faux cement pot offers up a lot of Green for it its manageable size. Easy to care for- these plants take some shade & some sun. It also has drainage hole for easy (infrequent) watering.  This chic goodie will look just fab on any kitchen counter, just place a plate underneath to protect your surface. Choose from 6″ x 5.5″ or 7″ x 8″

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