Thanks for visiting our shop page. Sorry we’re unable to take your order at this moment, we’re currently working on new and exciting green projects outside of our usual studio space. In the meantime you can still get your botanical fix by checking out the items we have for sale in and around Stable Cafe or if you don’t find what you’re looking for email us and we’ll make arrangements for when we’re back creating on October 1st.

  • The Plant Recipe Book

    “Add Seeds and Soil, Then Stir” – New York Times “Chapman’s new book will be cause for celebration…” […]

  • Marimo Ball

    These fascinating little balls are naturally found roaming around the deep lakes of Japan. Requiring nothing more than […]

  • Air plant Kit

    Create your own miniature green world with our air plant kit. Place it on your desk, in a […]

  • Urban Mini Landscape

    This mini-faux cement pot offers up a lot of Green for it its manageable 7″ x 8″ size. […]

  • Bubble Paperweight

    This compact little bowl is bursting with life! It’s surprising how much can be packed into its 5″ […]

  • Mini Terrarium

    Now here’s a gem of a gift. It’ll fit in the palms of your hands, loves hanging on […]

  • Suede & Rope Carriage

    These hanging planters bring a glimpse of natural beauty anywhere they swing. Glass pots nestle in water-resistant suede […]

  • Big & Bold Planters

    Lush and full of Succulents and Greens. Each one has its own look – but all are gorgeous […]

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