• The Plant Recipe Book

    “Add Seeds and Soil, Then Stir” – New York Times “Chapman’s new book will be cause for celebration…” […]

  • Ecosphere

    Meet your perfect pet and our latest obsession – these fully enclosed miniature worlds contain tiny shrimp, marbling […]

  • Sanctuary Vessel

    Explore life in the undergrowth with this moss showcase. Unlike most plants which gain everything they need from […]

  • Marimo Ball

    These fascinating little balls are naturally found roaming around the deep lakes of Japan. Requiring nothing more than […]

  • Air plant Kit

    Create your own miniature green world with our air plant kit. Place it on your desk, in a […]

  • Urban Mini Landscape

    This mini-faux cement pot offers up a lot of Green for it its manageable 7″ x 8″ size. […]

  • Suede & Rope Carriage

    These hanging planters bring a glimpse of natural beauty anywhere they swing. Glass pots nestle in water-resistant suede […]

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