Lila B. is lucky enough to have set up shop in the garden of the Stable Café, a Mission neighborhood staple in the sunniest part of the city. The hearth room tucked in back is where our classes take place and is the best space in this best place. Rustic charm mingles with modern sensibilities to create an outer-city experience - and when the fire is going - there is a feeling of being transported into another time. Join us and experience it for yourself!

  • Fun with Flowers and Succulents

    July 15th Noon–2pm
    Design Within Reach
    447 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA

    We’re teaming up with Design within Reach for Design Days! Join in on this free event. Baylor from Lila B. will be showing everyone how to decorate with plants, succulents, and flowers. Go home with some inspiration.

  • Floral Design & Wine

    July 25th at 6pm
    CB2 34 Ellis Street, San Francisco Ca

    Celebrate summer with a hands-on flower arranging classes at CB2. They’re happening all across the country! In San Francisco, Baylor Chapman will be at CB2.  Join us. Get loads of beautiful flowers, a CB2 Colada vase and tips & tricks. Go home with something beautiful. Spaces limited. RSVP required. Wine by Winc.

  • Planting a Potted Kitchen Herb Garden

    July 28 11am – 12pm

    This year we’ll also be doing a special demo for Filoli’s Summer Spectacular event where we’ll show you how to display herbs as houseplants and a number of ways to help you grow your very own at home – expect inside scoop just in time for some alfresco summer dining.

  • Living Art

    July 29th at 2pm
    1197 Galleria Blvd, Roseville, CA

    Join us at Macy’s where Sarah from Lila B. will be on hand to provide plant arrangement tips & tricks. Pick up one of our DIY kits with all the fixings for a beautiful piece of living art. She’ll show you how to create something beautiful to hang on your wall or set on your desk. Kits include: a frame, moss, sticks, air plant and all sorts of fun natural bits. Learn how to create your own piece of botanical art and go home with something beautiful, made by you! Details to follow soon.

  • Succulents & Flowers

    July 29th at 2pm
    1301 Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek Ca

    Join us at Macy’s where Baylor from Lila B. will be on hand to provide plant arrangement tips & tricks. She’ll demonstrate succulent centerpiece making, floral arranging and how to combine both. Stop by this casual event, learn how to design your own piece of botanical art and get inspired to create something beautiful of your own! Details to follow soon.

  • DIY Kokedama Workshop

    August 12th 1:30PM-3:30PM
    San Francisco Botanical Garden

    Join us for a botanical workshop with instructor Baylor Chapman!  Kokedama is a traditional Japanese gardening technique dating back centuries.  Simply translated ‘Kokedama’ means ‘moss ball.’ We’ll be taking this art form and putting our own local twist on it – using plants from San Francisco’s Botanical Garden.

    All materials will be provided. suggested for those 12 years of age and up.

  • The Magic of Succulents

    August 17 2017

    For those who are curious about succulents and want to explore the many possibilities of using them in arrangements, this class is for you. Learn how to create beautiful designs using this very versatile and easy-to-care-plant through hands-on work with and one-on-one instruction.

  • A Fall Container Garden

    September 23 9:30 to 11:30
    Gamble Garden

    Create a long-lasting living container garden using plants bursting with the lush colors of autumn. In this hands-on class, Baylor Chapman, author of THE PLANT RECIPE BOOK and founder of Lila B. Design, will demonstrate various ways to display plants and how to combine plants that are sturdy with those that are more temporary, creating an ever-changing miniature landscape. All materials are covered in the class fee and enrollment is strictly limited.

  • Adorn with Garlands and Swags

    November 2nd 2017

    Fall is an amazing time to gather from the nature and bring it home. Whether decorating for a Thanksgiving feast, a Christmas celebration or a Happy New Year – wreaths and swags are a fabulous ways to adorn doors, fireplaces, and table tops. Using a sumptuous fall color palette and nature’s beautiful bits, Baylor will provide inspiration and practical tips on how to create and care for a lovely natural displays.

  • “Plant Recipes” for Living Centerpieces

    Date TBD

    Follow Baylor’s step-by-step design approach to creating centerpieces with living plants. This workshop, based on The Plant Recipe Book, will use single plants three ways–moving from super simple to more complex designs.  You’ll go home inspired to turn your ordinary plants and household bowls into lush long-lasting arrangements.

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  • Designing with Succulents

    For those who are curious about succulents and want to explore the many possibilities of using them in arrangements, this class is for you. Learn how to create beautiful designs using this very versatile and easy-to-care-plant through hands-on work with and one-on-one instruction.

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  • Terrariums: Life in a Glass House

    Date TBD

    Design your own tiny plant world with us. Terrarium planting is a wonderful way to create a beautiful living décor piece that is both low maintenance and a lovely reminder of the natural world that resides on the other side of your walls! Tucked up in the Stable Café’s cozy hearth room, you’ll learn all the techniques and information needed from author Baylor Chapman – all while sipping a glass of wine or beer by the fire.

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  • Arranging In a Vase With Succulents

    Date TBD

    Learn all the skills needed to create a gorgeous living bouquet that will not only last longer than a traditional flower arrangement, but can be planted afterwards for even longer enjoyment! You will be guided by our own Baylor Chapman, floral design expert and author, in creating a truly unique living landscape piece for your home. Join us for a glass of wine, fun, and learning that will last a lifetime.

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  • Create a Living Arrangement for Your Tabletop

    Online DIY Videos

    A catchall isn’t just for keys and jewelry. It can also become a base for a living plant arrangement to enjoy on a tabletop now, then transplant later as the plants grow.

  • Make a Fragrant Wreath for Your Front Door

    Online DIY Videos

    Wreaths can be beautiful and welcoming while also smelling wonderful. In this episode of Houzz TV, garden designer Baylor Chapman explains how to make a fragrant wreath for your front door. Grab your materials and start creating.

  • Create a living centerpiece in under 15 minutes

    Online DIY Videos

    Share the gift of nature during your party and beyond with this tabletop arrangement. In this episode of Houzz TV, plant designer Baylor Chapman explains how to quickly create a living centerpiece for your dining room gatherings. Plus, at the end of the night, you can take it apart and send your guests home with little plant gifts.

  • Garden Tribe

    Online DIY Videos

    Two cool garden gals have started a whole new online community of DIY video classes with GardenTribe. They invited me to join in, and the online DIY class we made together is called “Party Plants.” Woo hoo!

  • HGTV

    Online DIY Videos

    Got 5 minutes or less? Pick one of the (5) short HGTV DIY videos here and learn a few tips of the trade from our Lila B. founder, Baylor Chapman, and create your own living arrangement.

  • From the Archives

    Wonder where we’ve lectured, given DIY classes, or participated in fun sales events? See here…

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