Wishing You Harmonious Splendor in 2015

December 31, 2014

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Photo by Holly Stewart Photography. Botanical Styling by Baylor Chapman.



Insider Tips #2 from The Plant Recipe Book: The Hedgehog

November 20, 2014

There’s something about the simplicity of a vase with an air plant. Then, there’s the sweetness of a cute animal vase. Add an air plant. And Voila: Big Grin. But you don’t need to beat the concept over the head. Go simple. Go subtle. Try it out. Play around.

Here’s a second blog entry of Insider Tips form the Plant Recipe Book series.

This is a clean project.  No mess. No planting.  Air plants don’t need soil. {Grin} Just set it there, take a step back, and ponder. Do I like this? Do I like it there? If not, pick it up and move it. No broom required.

Vase Resources: Last year, my sister picked up the sweet hedgehog measuring cup set from Anthropologie. Then, I borrowed (well, politely took) it for The Plant Recipe Book project. Thanks sis. Last I checked, they were (sadly) sold out. Try Ebay, I’ve seen them there…Or there’s a similar one from West Elm available now.

West Elm Hedghog























Oh goodness: wouldn’t it be fab to find these Retro Hedgehog ashtrays (aka vases) from the 1960s?

Substitutions (shake it up!)

If you just can’t find a hedgehog…

The Fly Catcher

October 23, 2014


In honor of the upcoming holiday:  All Hallows’ Eve.

Photo by Holly Stewart Photography


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