Insider Tips #2 from The Plant Recipe Book: The Hedgehog

November 20, 2014

There’s something about the simplicity of a vase with an air plant. Then, there’s the sweetness of a cute animal vase. Add an air plant. And Voila: Big Grin. But you don’t need to beat the concept over the head. Go simple. Go subtle. Try it out. Play around.

Here’s a second blog entry of Insider Tips form the Plant Recipe Book series.

This is a clean project.  No mess. No planting.  Air plants don’t need soil. {Grin} Just set it there, take a step back, and ponder. Do I like this? Do I like it there? If not, pick it up and move it. No broom required.

Vase Resources: Last year, my sister picked up the sweet hedgehog measuring cup set from Anthropologie. Then, I borrowed (well, politely took) it for The Plant Recipe Book project. Thanks sis. Last I checked, they were (sadly) sold out. Try Ebay, I’ve seen them there…Or there’s a similar one from West Elm available now.

West Elm Hedghog























Oh goodness: wouldn’t it be fab to find these Retro Hedgehog ashtrays (aka vases) from the 1960s?

Substitutions (shake it up!)

If you just can’t find a hedgehog…

The Fly Catcher

October 23, 2014


In honor of the upcoming holiday:  All Hallows’ Eve.

Photo by Holly Stewart Photography


Insider Tips from The Plant Recipe Book: Aloe

October 5, 2014
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book cover


Itchin’ to create a living arrangement but don’t know where to start?

Pair this info with The Plant Recipe Book and you’ll be whipping up some real live beauty in no time at all.


Stay tuned..more posts filled with insider tips, substitution ideas, and online plant finder resources will follow. We’re here to make it easy for YOU to make beautiful statements with living things…




Let’s start with an easy one: Aloe Recipe 1.

















The things I like best about this arrangement are – the plant and the vase mimic each other, it is super easy to make, it lasts a long long time, and it uses a non traditional vessel.

This recipe calls for 3 things: Aloe aristata, Lace Lichen, and a votive.

Let’s gather the items! Once that’s done, it takes only minutes to assemble.

The Vase:
Here’s a similar votive from CB2 or another one from Bliss.

The Plants: The plants can usually be found…

Making beautiful statements with living things