Make It Feel Like Spring

January 25, 2015
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Paige Green Hyacinth

Pick up a sprouting Hyacinth. Watch it rise and its blooms explode. Soak in the potent fragrance of spring.


Photo by Paige Green Photography.

One of my favorite photos by Paige Green when we were working on The Plant Recipe Book together…. ‘Tho this one didn’t make it to print. It makes me swoon none the less.

Wishing You Harmonious Splendor in 2015

December 31, 2014

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Photo by Holly Stewart Photography. Botanical Styling by Baylor Chapman.



Insider Tips #2 from The Plant Recipe Book: The Hedgehog

November 20, 2014

There’s something about the simplicity of a vase with an air plant. Then, there’s the sweetness of a cute animal vase. Add an air plant. And Voila: Big Grin. But you don’t need to beat the concept over the head. Go simple. Go subtle. Try it out. Play around.

Here’s a second blog entry of Insider Tips form the Plant Recipe Book series.

This is a clean project.  No mess. No planting.  Air plants don’t need soil. {Grin} Just set it there, take a step back, and ponder. Do I like this? Do I like it there? If not, pick it up and move it. No broom required.

Vase Resources: Last year, my sister picked up the sweet hedgehog measuring cup set from Anthropologie. Then, I borrowed (well, politely took) it for The Plant Recipe Book project. Thanks sis. Last I checked, they were (sadly) sold out. Try Ebay, I’ve seen them there…Or there’s a similar one from West Elm available now.

West Elm Hedghog























Oh goodness: wouldn’t it be fab to find these Retro Hedgehog ashtrays (aka vases) from the 1960s?

Substitutions (shake it up!)

If you just can’t find a hedgehog…

Making beautiful statements with living things