A Mossy Scene with Magical Characters

February 5, 2013

In the early days of last spring photographer Caren Alpert and art director Pamela Nudel visited us at Lila B. with an idea- and a wondrous one at that! We put our heads together and dreamed up a Hobbit-like scene with the most magical of characters. We met up again at Caren’s photo studio and this is how our day unfolded…

With a gathering of moss, logs, mushrooms, carnivorous plants, and lovely spring blooms- we went to work to set the woodland scene.

Caren captured the precious details and tiny critters,


while Pam and Baylor planned our visual story,

and Sophie quietly clicked, photographing  us and the overall mossy scene.


Photos by Caren Alpert and Sophie de Lignerolles

More photos on our website: under Into the Woods



As the Sun Sets: The Styling of a Deck

October 2, 2012
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As the sun was setting- and with little time to spare before the camera started clicking- we busily worked to set the scene on this lovely San Francisco deck. Starting with all but 2 lounge chairs and a backdrop of an exquisite view, a top 3 flights of stairs of this lovely Potrero Hill home, we carried up our botanical & deck props and got to work.

Gorgeous tables available at San Francisco’s eclectic Living Green. Custom metal planters by Joe Chambers Art & filled by Lila B. with flowing grasses & poignant Succulents.

Just as we arranged the last faux concrete planter, Treve from, Treve Johnson Photography, began clicking and captured the work of Gast Architects & Podesta Construction over-time as the sun set over San Francisco. We waited as he worked his magic before…

Seven Days at Lila B.

September 6, 2012
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Sometimes I wonder, what did we do last week?

Here’s a little photo journal entry about how we all at Lila B. spent just one week in July of 2012.

In the {parking} Lot Garden:

Grooming, watering, Slug patrol {eek, we do it by hand!}, and yes our favorite task: cutting flowers & greens and plucking Succulents too for this week’s events.

Mimi helps select and cut for our wedding- and then fills our Honda Element with all sorts of fabulous stems!

In the Studio

With 2 sweet weddings on the books for the coming Saturday, we’re busily creating  bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres & more! All while neighbors swing by to purchase Succulent and Floral take homes – Baylor chats with a kind mother of a (former) bride who visits us at the ‘Flower Bar’ (our raised loading dock) to select some super hip Succulents for her,  just around the corner,  office at Mission Loc@le.


Planning & Proposals

We stay in and we step out of the studio to meet up with clients, brides, and event…

Making beautiful statements with living things