Sunset Celebration is over but we’re still smiling

June 8, 2012
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…a recent letter to all those whom we met at Sunset Magazine’s Celebration Weekend.
















Whether it was your green thumb, zest for the culinary, travel bug, or just your love of wine that brought you to Sunset Magazine’s Celebration Weekend- we’re happy to have met you.

Sunset’s big weekend has come and gone- but we’ve got more tips & designs for you. We want the spirit of the celebration to linger….


A few tips from our presentation: Big Ideas for Small Spaces
Hang it up! Got a shutter or a gutter? Create back pockets to a shutter using weed cloth- or add soil to a gutter and you’ve just added to your garden square footage.

No sweeping necessary. Aversion to spilling soil on your small deck? There’s no need to…

Welcome as the Flowers in May

May 15, 2012

click here to read our May Newsletter in full.



November 29, 2011
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