Carnivores in Glass

November 9, 2012

Our fly eating, gnat munching carnivorous terrarium has lived a long healthy life. The above photo was taken early last spring. The two below images are from the other day. All we needed to do from then to now: provide sunshine & distilled water. And yes, we gave it a good pruning too…



photos by Sophie de Lignerolles

Wishing you a Magical Hallow’s Eve (and how to dress up your houseplants)

November 1, 2012
Posted by in Home Decor

With Halloween almost under our belt and several more holidays on their way, we in the Lila B. studio got to thinking…How do you ‘dress up’ your plants with out being…shall we say, Hokey?

With a few tweaks- we adorned this terrarium with just enough ‘Spook’ to make its spectators turn their heads twice. Next up: we’ll add Autumnal spirit to make one Thanksgiving ready…stay tuned.

Until then here are a two quick tips on how to get your houseplants into the holiday spirit. We condone: evoke the feeling without going overboard with cuteness.

1) Add plants that evoke the season- here we’ve used Kalanchoe ‘Oak Leaf’- with its silvery undulating leaves we thought it had a ghostly appeal. Perhaps it could double next as a snow covered tree?

2) In our book, a tiny bit of store bought silly fun is just fine- especially if it makes you or your friends smile…real BIG. This tiny web & spider came straight from the five & dime as did our Owl friend…Our concept: make those sweet touches accessories (yes just accessories) to the scene. Let your fabulous Botanicals shine…



photo by Sophie de Lignerolles


Google Up!

October 17, 2012

Earlier this Spring- had a grand time working on the Google campus. Google asked us to come in for one month to dress up three of their main entries- including the ‘bigwigs’ welcome area…We called this project ‘Google Up!’

Our goal: create plant designs that capture the look & feel that the company projects to the outside world on the inside of their offices. Innovative, Curious, and Whimsical- just what we love to do at Lila B.

When working with them, we came up with several ideas- including the above sketch. Our other ideas are still under wraps. Maybe they’ll come to life with them or another client in the future? …keep following and we’ll let you know…

How does our brainstorming work you ask? We gather in our studio- and chose unique & curious plant & design choices- what would make you stop & look? What is fun, intelligent, and whimsical?

Sadly, we’ve not any ‘fantabulous’ photos- to share with you but here are just a few to…

Making beautiful statements with living things