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Houzz DIY: Make a Mini Moss Sanctuary

March 29, 2016
Posted by in Classes

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.13.51 AM

Check out our DIY: Make a Mini Moss Sanctuary tutorial on Houzz

Make It Feel Like Spring

January 25, 2015
Posted by in Books

Paige Green Hyacinth

Pick up a sprouting Hyacinth. Watch it rise and its blooms explode. Soak in the potent fragrance of spring.


Photo by Paige Green Photography.

One of my favorite photos by Paige Green when we were working on The Plant Recipe Book together…. ‘Tho this one didn’t make it to print. It makes me swoon none the less.

Adorn your Door with Life

December 1, 2014
Posted by in Holiday

succulent wreath on logs

Living Succulent Wreaths available now on our online shop.

Or for an alternative houseplant table-scape, place atop your table with a chunky candle and voila: a glowing living centerpiece.

Making beautiful statements with living things