Make Living Tree Ornaments

December 3, 2015
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Succulent Star OrnamentWe’re deep in the holiday spirit here at Lila B. – and fixin’ to make many of our botanical decor, not only local but living!

Here’s a little star ornament. Made in minutes. All you need is a glue gun and some succulent cuttings. Stay tuned. We’ll be posting details with more how to – blog posts ahead. This is just something to get you in the decorating mood this December. Think of the possibilities – living ornaments, living wreaths, and a twist on the more tradition Christmas Tree.






Houzz DIY: Halloween Terrarium

October 17, 2015
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Adorn your Door with Life

December 1, 2014
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succulent wreath on logs

Living Succulent Wreaths available now on our online shop.

Or for an alternative houseplant table-scape, place atop your table with a chunky candle and voila: a glowing living centerpiece.

Making beautiful statements with living things