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November 16, 2016
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As the year draws to a close we’re gearing up for a holiday celebration along with a roomful of our San Francisco favorites!

We’ll be showing you how to deck out your home this season at our brand new wreath making bar whilst a bunch of local creatives help you top up your stockings with a range of artisan goods up for sale.


Come and join us as we’ll have the fire crackling and chestnuts roasting to get you in the holiday spirit!

Explore the wares of full line-up below:

Pseudo Studio, Studioco, Paige Russell, Ses Petites Mains, Lemon Twist, Marie Turnor, Odsy Workshop, CognoScenti, & GO POCKET

Oca Hopin

June 24, 2016
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Oca Hopin


I love the leaf shape but it is known for the tuber which is often compared to a potato. The whole plant is edible according to the grower Sweetwater Nursery. Here’s a sweet video to tell you more about this one.


Another exciting thing in this photo is the grow pot! It is biodegradable – fabulous – no plastic to recycle. Thank you Eco Forms


June 22, 2016
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Looking for a plant to sweeten up your summer drink? Try Stevia. You may have seen this in a bottle at a local cafe (like here at Stable Cafe) or picked up a tincture of it for your own kitchen cabinet.

First introduced to this by my neighbor – I tried a few drops in my tea (yes, only a few it is potent if you buy the tincture) and loved it. She said the other day, I wish I could grow this….well…that lead to my very easy search for the plant.

Found at my local nursery Flowercraft in San Francisco it now is planted on her deck. Luckily, our decks connect. So I might be enjoying some fresh crushed stevia leaf in my summer-time iced tea.


Stay tuned tomorrow for the third of five Herb-A-Day stories.

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