5 Ways in 5 Days: Creative Containers

November 10, 2016
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For the last week on our Facebook  page we’ve been exploring how to create different looks using the same exact pot.

We chose this bowl for its low broad design, perfect for dinner table centerpieces. It provides a generous surface area for planting, and its versatile concrete facade can be styled to be both modern and rustic in design.

empty newport bowl

Here’s a recap of what we did plus a few new photos to hopefully inspire you to get creating your own!

1) Movement – Adding airy height to a container instantly creates motion and draws the eye up. Using wispy plants such as grasses bring a touch of softness to designs whilst Echeveria such as ‘Black Prince’  produce fantastic columns of contrast. You can also think about using aromatic herbs like Lavender to add fragrance as the breeze passes.


2) Height – Just like a city skyline, adding plants with varying heights provides fantastic structure and interest to pots. Use plants like this dwarf Euphorbia for their relative towering gradients of color or think…

Up a Wall

August 6, 2016
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If you’re outta floor, deck, or counter space for plants, why not – go – up a wall?

Vertical Garden

This Saturday, August 13th, I’ll be playing with plants – VERTICALLY at Filoli. If you’ve not been to this treasured estate and garden in Woodside, California, it is worth a trip. 

Scouring the Lila B. photo archives while planning for the class reminded me that the possibilities are endless! Plus, it’d be fun to share some ideas.

Each day this week, starting this very morning, a new idea on vertical gardening will be posted on Facebook.

Hope you’ll join along. I’d love to see some of your vertical living art too.

Happy small space gardening everyone!


There might still be room in the class – see here

Photo by Sophie de Lignerolles


June 21, 2016
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This week, we’re featuring Herb-A-Day

I’ve come across some good and new (to me!) ones and thought it’d be fun to share. It is summer and what better time to toss in fresh herbs to your dinner.

Epazote – Mexican Tea

There are many reasons I’m thankful for sharing my space with Stable Cafe. One is that my studio is connected to a kitchen where I sometimes pester the busy cooks with questions…

If you’ve tested out one of the soups or specials at Stable, you know they’re delicious. That’s thanks to Selena. Sometimes she’ll whip up a special meal just for us folks who are ‘behind the scenes’ – this time it was quesadillas. Not any ‘tho, they had a special sauce on them…

Her green salsa included a plant I’d never heard of….




Popular among Mexicans it is also called Mexican Tea. Some love it, some don’t. The taste, well….sort of lemon, mint, and some say, gasoline?! She disagrees.

Often used in bean dishes, it is said to help with digestion. Pluck off the young shoots, rinse, and enjoy (but not if you’re pregnant or nursing according to some online research).


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