Ephemeral Gardens and Inspiring Workshops

March 18, 2015
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A Spring Filled with Beautiful Workshops!

Starting this week, I’ll be visiting temporary yet magical gardens nestled in the most unlikely places. These jaw-dropping-flower-filled rooms may defy a sense of practicality but they are sure to inspire.

Each day a plethora of talented designers, gardeners, chefs, and floral artists lead classes, demonstrate their skills, and most importantly share their passions with attendees.

These are two lovely events that I look forward to. This year, I’ll be teaching at both; I hope you’ll join me.


March 19, 12:30 p.m. (THIS WEEK!)
San Francisco Flower and Garden Show
San Mateo, CA

This is ‘the’ place to go if you’re looking to learn about gardening. The convention center is transformed into lush gardens so artfully that may even make you think that you’ve landed in a jungle. Garden Tribe summoned 60 experts to tout their talents. When I’m not attending the wide range of classes (including carnivorous plants, vertical gardens, and sauerkraut) I’ll be on stage…

Join Us. Meet the Neighbors. Get Inspired.

September 11, 2013
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Join us on Sunday, October 13th
10:45am to 4:00pm
2128 Folsom Street, San Francisco, Ca

We’re setting up our own little neighborhood within the Stable Cafe courtyard. Stop by to meet other food, design, and garden folks. Get inspired and glean a few insider tips from local experts.


10:45am -11:45 Mimi Arnold from Lila B. hangs with kids to provide a hands on session about how plants and people have a lot in common….

11:30am – 12pm Sara Remington will give you the inside scoop and sign her culinary travelogue with author Ethel Brennan, Paris to Provence:Childhood Memories of Food and France

12:00-12:45 pm The Cheese School of San Francisco will serve up some of their special fondue all while demonstrating how to design a tempting holiday cheese plate. Yum!

1:00-1:30pm Tomato Sushi - What is tomato sushi? Learn more from those who created this magical concept and why it is so beneficial for the world.

1:30-2:00pm The Chai Cart: Attend the demo on the ‘Art of Chai’ and find out the secrets…

Old & Board yet so fresh & stylin’

May 31, 2012
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Collaboration is what makes us swoon here at Lila B. and we feel so lucky to have teamed up with several San Francisco talents to make our business ooze with creativity.

We’ll be featuring a few of our local artisans in following blogs…and to start off..we’ve got a doozy! Old & Board.

Our recent chat with Old & Board…

Lila B.: We love the tiny accents you add in. A twisted nail, a hammered metal piece, a rusty bit- Where do you find these?

Old & Board: We find all of our accents/details from salvage yards.  Our motto is, if something can be used for its actual use then we don’t want to re-purpose it but if it’s most likely just “junk” then that is where we can turn it into something cool and unique.  By adding these points of detail, it turns our chair, planter box, etc. into some more than just a piece of furniture; it takes on a personality of its own.

LB: Why #7?

O&B: #7 is one of our lucky numbers and we are superstitious.

LB: What inspires you?

O&B: We hate wasting anything and that’s…

Making beautiful statements with living things