A Mossy Scene with Magical Characters

February 5, 2013

In the early days of last spring photographer Caren Alpert and art director Pamela Nudel visited us at Lila B. with an idea- and a wondrous one at that! We put our heads together and dreamed up a Hobbit-like scene with the most magical of characters. We met up again at Caren’s photo studio and this is how our day unfolded…

With a gathering of moss, logs, mushrooms, carnivorous plants, and lovely spring blooms- we went to work to set the woodland scene.

Caren captured the precious details and tiny critters,


while Pam and Baylor planned our visual story,

and Sophie quietly clicked, photographing  us and the overall mossy scene.


Photos by Caren Alpert and Sophie de Lignerolles

More photos on our website: under Into the Woods



Dining by Design

January 16, 2013
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Each year the San Francisco’s Design Center transforms from a showroom showcase into a host for a plethora of micro-dining rooms. Each with its own unique style and flair. What fun eh?! And all for a good cause too!

Better yet, last year, we were honored to join some of their creative forces.

Offering up our grape-wood airplan laden table top and vertical gardens and our oh so charming teardrop dioramas- we helped complete the dining scene with the Karen Villanueva and Paul O’Rourke’s installation.

“Creating a connection through design.” – San Francisco based design firms: Villanueva Design and Paul O’Rourke Design

Their dining room reflected the essence of our city’s contemporary urban-ism with a tossed in bit of organic – to make it oh so San Francisco. Nature juxtaposed with man-made  created a warm and welcoming room.


All photos by Sophie de Lignerolles

The Weekend before Christmas….

December 21, 2012
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We’ll be closed for the holidays (12/22-12/30) but worry no more! Three Babes has opened shop for a few days to help you with any delicious gift needs.

Enter cafe’s interior, move to the courtyard, then trail back to their secret interior garden – there you’ll see the crackling fire and Three Babes Bakeshop. All weekend long they’ll be serving up fresh pies and Lila B.’s botanical goodness.

Stable Cafe and Three Babes Bakeshop
December 22 & 23
2128 Folsom St. San Francisco, Ca


Lila B. pop up photo by Sophie de Lignerolles


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