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Our Philosophy

Lila B. uses exceptional, often locally grown, plants and flowers to create beautiful arrangements from our studio space and garden in San Francisco’s Mission District. Whether transforming a balcony or bedecking a room, Lila B.’s designs bring beauty, serenity, and artistry to any space, indoors or out.

As a certified San Francisco Green Business, we conserve resources while working to create with repurposed and sustainable materials. Even our living centerpieces and very own cutting garden exemplify our care for the environment.

From single tabletop arrangements to corporate events, tiny decks to styled photo shoots, lectures to hands on classes, we focus on sharing our organic elegance and thoughtful design with you.



About Us

Baylor Chapman

Photo by Russell Yip at SF Chronicle


Who I am

Every day I am inspired by the raw beauty of nature, and constantly think about ways of how to bring it into my home — and yours. I believe that nature is handsome more than pretty, and am always searching for an unexpected definition of beautiful.

I love working with plants so much that I’ve spent more than 15 years surrounding myself with them. I attended the UC Berkely program for garden design, founded Lila B., a San Francisco green-certified plant and flower design business, authored my two how-to titles called The Plant Recipe Book and Decorating with Plants — and built a parking lot garden in the middle of a big city.

Bringing nature to the city is essential to what I do, so you can often find me creating botanical arrangements in the urban industrial Mission district neighborhood where my own garden and studio reside. For me, it all comes back to the idea that even if you have a really small space, you can bring a little bit of green inside. Whether it is an elaborate living centerpiece or a tiny single succulent, through plant design you can make any space feel at home.

Where you can find my work

I spent my childhood on a farm, following years working on an eco-friendly estate which lent a natural edge to my design aesthetics. Now I live in an apartment located a converted box factory, a testament to my commitment to design and my back deck is home to many of my favorite plants. In the spring of 2014, I published The Plant Recipe Book, which features more than 100 lush photographs of creations similar to the ones I make for Lila B. In the same year a major international hotel chain asked me to collaborate on their worldwide botanical strategy. In 2019 my houseplant styling book called Decorating with Plants hit the shelves. My work has also appeared in Sunset Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Better Homes and Gardens. I have been a guest on PBS’ “Growing a Greener World” and a DIY expert on and I love to travel around the country teaching people how to beautify their home “living centerpieces.”

My personal website is Follow me on Instagram @LilaBDesign and find me on Pinterest and Facebook.


Photo by Aubrie Pick – behind the scenes of the making of Decorating with Plants by Baylor Chapman released by Artisan in April 2019



Growing up in rural England most of my childhood was spent dwarfed by vertical landscapes of country blooms, scrumping for neighbors apples or stomping through muddy fields. However the day began it always consisted of hours spent outdoors and ended with dirty hands—a ritual, I’m almost certain, ignited my love for nature and adventure.

I eventually moved away from the rolling hills to a city for university but managed to secure my desire to spend as much time outside as possible by completing a BSc in environmental science and later a MSc in marine science and management in Australia.

With a fair amount of travel in-between, a passion for everything environmental, and a overwhelming sense of curiosity—I found the best of all worlds and wound up as an ocean researcher for a major non-governmental organization, and later slid into designing and implementing living walls in London.

The opportunity to experience different landscapes made me realize I was always drawn back to my plant surrounded beginnings. I eventually landed in California and was completely in awe of the succulent lined streets. They were spilling from pavements, rising from planters, and adorning window shelves— I knew I needed to learn more about all the wonderful flora I was encountering, so in 2016 arrived at Lila B.

I try to apply my scientific knowledge and travels to create moments, arrangements and experiences for more sustainably lead beautiful lives, surrounded by nature.

In all not much has really changed since my childhood, you’ll still see me often running around with dirty hands and muddy boots over at our working courtyard in Stable cafe, instead of scrumping for apples it’s now plums. If you do happen to catch me, I’d love to meet you, so please feel free to say hi.



Our Studio

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Both our studio and our garden are now open to the public and within Stable Cafe’s courtyard.

Meander our garden every day of the week until 4 pm while Stable Cafe -2128 Folsom St. San Francisco, Ca 94110- is open. We are currently available by appointment only.  Since we’re a small design firm and often work off-site, it is best to call first if you’d like assistance from a Lila B. expert.


Our Garden

about page of gardenProviding inspiring reprieve amidst the busy industry of San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood, you will find Lila B. Design’s garden. Since March 2009 our city garden project has allowed us to integrate city grown flowers and plants into many of our projects, offering striking centerpieces and floral gestures that give a new meaning to the idea of local. In our garden, we care for many of the plants and flowers we use from delicate seedlings to fully formed blossoms.

Take the time to explore, and you’ll find tucked-away gems {including} …a botanical courtyard… —San Francisco Chronicle

… an open-air studio… the courtyard is suddenly in bloom year round. That’s partially thanks to a miniature orchard of plum trees planted among the café tables—and partially thanks to {Lila B.}, who has planted a perimeter of container gardens and climbing vines to turn a gritty downtown location bucolic. —Gardenista

The courtyard …is one of the best little gems in SF. It’s the perfect spot … on a beautiful day — which happens to be often in this sunnier area of the city. But the best part is being surrounded by so many gorgeous plant and succulent arrangements… —Spotted SF

Who is Lila?

Lila Shippen Patterson
Lila B. Design founder’s great Grandmother, Lila Shippen Patterson born in 1874, is the inspiration behind the name Lila B. She and the founder’s shared passion for gardening and flower design (and with her ‘Florific’ name!) made Lila the perfect choice. –
President of her town’s garden club, collector of rare garden books, and botanical prints from around the world, Lila largely designed, decorated, and landscaped her residence with her husband Hugh Foresman where she lived until she was 87 years of age.
Making beautiful statements with living things