5 Ways in 5 Days: Creative Containers

November 10, 2016
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For the last week on our Facebook  page we’ve been exploring how to create different looks using the same exact pot.

We chose this bowl for its low broad design, perfect for dinner table centerpieces. It provides a generous surface area for planting, and its versatile concrete facade can be styled to be both modern and rustic in design.

empty newport bowl

Here’s a recap of what we did plus a few new photos to hopefully inspire you to get creating your own!

1) Movement – Adding airy height to a container instantly creates motion and draws the eye up. Using wispy plants such as grasses bring a touch of softness to designs whilst Echeveria such as ‘Black Prince’  produce fantastic columns of contrast. You can also think about using aromatic herbs like Lavender to add fragrance as the breeze passes.


2) Height – Just like a city skyline, adding plants with varying heights provides fantastic structure and interest to pots. Use plants like this dwarf Euphorbia for their relative towering gradients of color or think about including blooming succulents such as Echeveria for delicate arching flowers.

Restoration Hardware by SDL

3) Succulents, succulents and more succulents! – You may be noticing a trend here, and yes we’re guilty! Whether it’s the symmetrical rosette of Aeoniums, the spiky towers of Aloe or the zebra skin of Haworthia they add texture, fullness and color. Not to mention the resilience and carefree spirit of the Echeveria and Sempervivum captured here, what’s not to love?

succulent newport bowl stable

4) Less is more – On the contrary to packing your pot out with plants why not let other elements take the spotlight. Taking inspiration from Japanese rock gardens why not add a touch of zen with sand, gravel, or rocks. Create your own mini landscapes for the mind to escape to!


5) Color – There are so many options here, stick with a monochromatic palette of greens to bring freshness or add flairs of reds and pinks, like the almost neon tones of Earth Stars and Aloe for a fun feature. Avoid spottiness by sticking to similar tones and group harmonizing colors together for higher impact.

pink succulent earth star

Photos: Sarah Green, Indigo Films, Brandon Pruett, and Sophie de Lignerolles.


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