Brassy Bowl-o-Succulents

August 29, 2012
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Found in a charming antique mall in So. California this almost 2′ wide bowl was uncovered and taken ‘home’ to Lila B. It was quickly deemed the perfect host for a urban mini landscape but where-0-where shall it reside?

Moments after this photo was snapped, it found the perfect temporary home. Set atop a huge dining table- the brassy bowl-0-Succulents, stones, Thistle, Air plants, and wood chunks was a fitting centerpiece for a unique wedding celebration dinner.

The party has ended but our arrangement lives on… this beauty will soon to be back in our studio. Now, we ask, who else will enjoy this grand piece next?
Lila B. Design photo by to Sophie de Lignerolles.

Hangin’ On!

August 9, 2012

These Staghorn Ferns are mounted a top re-purposed wood provided by our favorite wood shop just a few doors down. The outer two wood pieces were taken from a house re-model just around the corner from our studio. The other – and extra Walnut chunk from a table made by Pseudo Studio.

Since their mounting, they’ve departed the twenty one hundred block of Folsom street – and headed south. They all now hang out on the walls of a Veterinary clinic in San Jose- We’re happy they found yet another new home…


Photo by Sophie de Lignerolles

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