A View from Below

March 28, 2009
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2150-folsomHere’s our studio’s loading dock. Our garden grows on the roof of ths former industrial laundry building — now home to 60+ artists…

This Morning’s View on the Roof

March 24, 2009
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Crates on the Roof
Crates on the Roof

Our community roof garden is coming together! You see here the bare bones & beginning of our tremendous garden….

Miles Epstein, scrap artist, has landed some unique used metal containers. While another artist formed a large ‘pillow’ of burlap covered soil in which plants will sprout. We’ve set our used crates, and potted up a sample, lined with burlap…

Another Use for Burlap

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We’re playing around with ‘liner’ ideas for our crates.

Goal #1: keep the soil inside the crate and from blowing off the top — our roof is windy!
Goal #2: use re-used, scavenged, recycled materials. This burlap we used as a wedding aisle for a Yosemite wedding….it is our first sample…will burlap make a functional long lasting liner? Another idea: over-stock of upholstery…



Great (and fun!) source: SCRAP: Scroungers’ Center for Reusable Art Parts



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